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Han Sooyoung is one of Kim Dokja's trusted allies and a member of <Kim Dokja's Company>. She is an author and wrote the novel "SSSSSS-grade Infinite Regressor" .

At the end of the novel, it is revealed that she also wrote the webnovel Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World under the pseudonym tls123, though she was not aware of this until long after its completion.

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Han Sooyoung can change the appearance of her Avatar clones, causing her to wear and shed many different appearances. In her true form, she is petite, thin, and nicely proportioned, described as rather beautiful. She has a small face with sharp canines and white skin. Her eyes are large with their corners angled upwards, with a beauty mark underneath one eye. Her hair is short and fine, black in color, and just reaches her shoulders.[1]

She originally wears jeans, which are ripped after her experience in the coin farm.[2] After Peace Land, she wears a blue combat suit.[3] Later on, she takes to wearing lensless horn-rimmed glasses.[4] After the end of the scenarios, she switches these out for a pair of plain black glasses.[5]

Han Sooyoung's appearance in the 1863rd round is virtually identical to her 3rd round self. She has a bob cut and wears the white Infinite Dimension Space Coat along with a half-mask.[6] After Yoo Joonghyuk's regression, she wears a hat tilted down over her face, presumably to hide any evidence of her crying.[7] At some point after Kim Dokja's departure from the 1863rd round, she dons a black coat instead.[8]

As Yuri di Aristel, Han Sooyoung dons a black medieval-style cloak embroidered in silver, with neat tights underneath.[9] She also wears a silver crown.[10]

Han Sooyoung's appearance was much the same at 13 years old; though obviously appearing visibly younger, she had the same shoulder-length bob haircut and beauty mark as her elder self.[11]


Han Sooyoung starts out as an incredibly selfish person, who appears to be more concerned with manipulating other people for her own benefit. She even attempts to take over and does indeed kill some of the people at Chungmuro station, where Kim Dokja and his companions begin at. Able to efficiently lead others and simultaneously dupe them as the First Apostle, she proves herself to be a very smart and cunning individual, accurately predicting many things due to her abilities even though she does not have a copy of "Ways of Survival."

She is honest in claiming that she is a bad person, whose actions are all meant to serve herself rather than others. Han Sooyoung is rather detached from other people initially, such as when she easily kills Kim Dokja at his request, finding him mildly intriguing. Over time, she grows closer to everyone and joins <Kim Dokja's Company>, though at some points (particularly when Kim Dokja is absent) she renames the group to <Han Sooyoung's Corporation>. She doesn't feel like she belongs with <Kim Dokja's Company> at times due to how she was enemies with them in the beginning, but this feeling is gradually worked through as she and the members of <Kim Dokja's Company> develop stronger relationships.

Through her friendship with her newfound companions, she gradually comes to value everyone and is willing to risk her life for them even though she claims otherwise. Han Sooyoung is witty, constantly insulting and joking around with the others. She gets angry easily when others do things she deems stupid.

Han Sooyoung is a very confident person, both in her looks and her talents. She is a very skilled writer and refers to herself as a genius, with evidence to show for it--before "Ways of Survival" became reality she was a hugely popular writer with a massive amount of wealth from her novels. However, her confidence occasionally gets in her way, as she becomes stubborn and takes a bit longer to admit her faults. Similar to Yoo Jonghyuk, she will berate the people she cares about even as she tries her hardest to keep them safe.

She is repeatedly shown to be incredibly headstrong, with an ideal vision of the future she wants. Like Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk, she works tirelessly to reach her own desired ending, and will not accept anything less than the perfect one of her dreams, as shown by her actions in the epilogue and the 1863rd turn.

1863rd Han Sooyoung

1863rd Han Sooyoung shares many similarities with her counterpart in the 3rd turn, except this one is shown to be more collected and somewhat crueler, specifically in how she makes a deal with Yoo Jonghyuk of the 1863rd turn that essentially ruins his life and any hope of happiness for him. She fulfills the role of Kim Dokja in that round, and is a threatening presence to deal with due to her experience and intelligence amassed through passing almost all of the scenarios.


  • Torch That Swallowed the Myth (Giant Story): Has shares in this. Acquired upon finishing Gigantomachia and defeating Poseidon.[12]
  • Predictive Plagiarism (rating unknown): Originally acquired by the 1863rd round Han Sooyoung and passed on to her 3rd/1864th round self.[8] Aids Han Sooyoung in predicting the future through internal application of the [Avatar] skill.
  • Disciple of the Legendary Swordmaster (rating unknown): Origin unknown. Earned at some point prior to arriving on Reincarnation Island.[8]
  • Ultimate Lie (rating unknown): Origin unknown. Used by the 1863rd round's Han Sooyoung when constructing a replacement for the Fourth Wall.[13]
  • Revision Specialist (rating unknown): Origin unknown. A Story associated with writing.[14]
  • Guide of the Line Spacing (rating unknown): Origin unknown. A Story associated with writing. Also translatable as "Guide Between the Lines".[14]


  • So, let's look at it in a simpler way. We're currently stuck inside a crap novel. Since the original was crap, this is the end result.[15]


  • Han Sooyoung has a habit of writing down short sentences on her smartphone when she is struck by inspiration.[16]
  • The 1863rd Han Sooyoung smokes when she is stressed.[7]
  • Her pseudonym tls123 is a Korean pun. The keys for T, L, and S on the QWERTY English keyboard correspond to the letters ㅅ, ㅣ, and ㄴ on the Korean keyboard. "tls" thus represents 신, the Korean word for god, making her username "god123".


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