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I can’t reveal any information to you. Except that… Until the moment I breathe my last, I shall tell my story with you.

Bihyung to Kim Dokja, when choosing in scenario #98 - Candidate Ballot, Chapter 287

Bihyung was the dokkaebi streamer on whose channel Kim Dokja featured for the beginning part of the scenarios. Through Kim Dokja, his channel quickly grew. After Kim Dokja died, "revived," and was known to be alive, he never went back to using Bihyung's channel as his usual - one of the reasons being the end of the stream contract. Eventually, Bihyung reached Great Dokkaebi status.


At the start of the novel, Bihyung was the size of a soccer ball, but he grew as the story persisted.[3] At the very end once he had became a great dokkaebi, he was the size of a human being, even appearing quite human-like.


At the start of the scenarios, he was a standard dokkaebi who didn't mind putting humans under extremes for a better story. During this time, he was outspoken, simple-minded, and very subserviant to constellations. However, this changes through the influence of Kim Dokja and his company.


He was the creator of the Random Item Box. He was fired from the Star Stream Administration Bureau after the product was forced to be banned by the bureau and became a streamer.



He sacrifices himself to stop the other dokkaebis from interfering with an anti-<Kim Dokja's Company> scenario.

Before the last scenario, he bet on <Kim Dokja's Company>, therefore betting his own existence to Kim Dokja. He states that Dokja had promised to make him a Dokkaebi King in the first scenario, and it had extended beyond that. Bihyung says that he would tell his story with Kim Dokja.[3]



  • He is the first dokkaebi to appear.


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